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Teenagers Education – Just For Parents

on May 30, 2012


The education of teenagers in High School is crucial, and it demands serious consideration. It is so because a teacher has power to influence, to shape, and to sculpt our teenagers’ education as well as to develop ~or not~ their talents. Likely, our youngsters will carry all of it throughout their lives. Although teachers have such wonderful power, its success is heavily dependant on teachers mastering How To Teach. Parents, however, do not know if teachers are or are not demanded to inescapably demonstrate How To Teach.

Bring up the chair, and you be the judge.

Assuming a kid developed normally ~and his caring parents correctly developed his intellect since the day he was born~ the mastermind behind nature is the one who decided that it is during teen-years when his brain is wide-open to assimilate knowledge, it will expand his aptitudes, and it will germinate talents more than at any other age. As a direct result of these unchangeable facts, parents may rightfully construe that ~when something is not going well in High School~ it may NOT be because nature made a mistake with their youngster’s brain.

* Will it be possible that a teenager failing in High School is because nature made a mistake with his brain, prevented it from developing fully, and consequently, does not have enough intelligence ?

 failing in High School is because he confronts teachers failing at knowlegeably and masterfully execute the Teaching-Learning Process, and those teachers further deny all responsibilities for the teenager’s failure ?

As an editor, publisher, and parent, I felt compelled to elaborate on teenagers education in the hope that you ~as a parent I presume~ may want to read questions on a situation with powers to harm our teenagers’ education during the most formative stages of their lives.

We parents have the inescapable obligation to become conscious that our teenagers may not be in a favorable position confronting on their own what they likely perceive as an intimidating establishment of commanding adults likely to stubbornly deny failure to proficiently do their job. Thoseeducators are prone to flip the pancake over ~so to speak~ claiming that our teenagers are the ones on the wrong side of matters.

To be fair, we parents should know how well we did our job during the earlier stages of our kid’s life promoting the development of his intellect AND developing a sense of responsibility. Should we have succeeded, then, we can rightfully demand High School teachers to masterfully and proficiently do their job. The rightful demand is because teachers are educating OUR teenagers during the most formative years, and those teachers must have an inexcapable obligation to do their job proficiently and thoroughly.

We parents are our youngsters’ most powerful asset.

We must not fail doing a praiseworthy job helping them to succeed in life. Should we fail, we taint our teenagers education by ignoring and disregarding that they must be educated by folks who must inescapably master How To Teach. Should we fail doing our job, we send our teenagers a damaging and destructive message:

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