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What can calm my Baby’s Tummy?

on May 30, 2012

Baby massage

Is your baby crying from tummy pains? The good thing is that this is completely normal and it will stop once your baby’sdigestive system has grown to better handle food. While knowing this is a comfort the sleepless nights are taking their toll. It seems that your baby will only be quiet while actually feeding and at this point you are ready to try anything just to get a peaceful moment to sit down and enjoy your little miracle. If you are asking yourself “what can calm my baby’s tummy?” you should check the following advice to see if there is something there that you haven’t yet tried.

Mom should be Active

Moving with your baby is good both for Mom and the baby and it can help to calm your baby’s tummy. If you have the possibility to take walks with your baby in a baby carrier in an upright position it can be a wonderful way to give your baby’s tummy some relief. After the feeding you simply place your baby on your front or back and then go for a walk. If it is a cold day outside you can wander your house to some good music. Make use of your free arms to make some order or why not catch up on the phone with a good friend.

Baby Massage

Baby massage and gymnastics have proven to be ways that can calm the baby’s tummy. You can learn several simple techniques. One funny way of moving that gas is to make your baby ride a bicycle while lying on his back. Move his legs as if he was biking. You can also move his legs folded towards his tummy area in soft but firm movements to make the gas move out and stop the pains. Other types of baby massage include massaging your baby’s tummy with your hands. It can be helpful to join a group with other mommies and babies learning how to massage the gas pains away.

Gripe Water

Gripe water is another effective way for treating your baby’s gas problems. If you use gripe water together with the methods mentioned above you should get a really good effect. You can make your own gripe water or buy natural gripe water ready to serve. Give it between feedings or with the bottle or breast. Gripe water that is natural and effective can be bought online and delivered straight to your door step for maximum convenience.

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